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John Kennedy
Born in United Kingdom
33 years
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Ronnie Ford-Kennedy

I knew a man once, he lived his life for his family, he spoke his mind with honesty and without conviction. He was a very happy man who had a very infectious laugh. His gift to me was his love to me, he helped me when I was low and his door was always open to me. He was my big brother John Anderson kennedy & I am pro...ud to call him brother and friend. I miss you John, I wish you were still here.

Lay me down tonight, I'm falling deep
I'm tired, now I'll sleep
So close my eyes and take me in
I'll leap into the night like wind
I leave my body, leave my sword
So lay me own, Father Lord

Lay me down tonight, my heart is weak
Much you give and much you seek
I'll fall into a sea of sleep
This sea of dreams, so red and deep
I leave my spirit, leave my words
So lay me down, Mother Earth

Lay me down tonight, I'm giving in
Let the works of life begin
Your works of chaos, works of grace
Creation Lord, in your own pace
Word to flesh and flesh to word
Father Lord, Mother Earth

It is 6 years since you died.  In that time so much has happened that I wish we could have shared.  I finally got to be a mummy.  Something I wanted so much, and that you always told me in time would happen.  I wish you could see your little niece.  You would love her. Martin and I are still going strong and I am so happy with him.  You were right about him being the One and I am so proud you were at our wedding.


You also have two other nieces from Ronnie who would have loved to have met there uncle John.   You would be very proud of them I am sure.   We will make sure they get to know all about you and that you are not forgotten.


Your children are getting so grown up now, they miss you everyday.  Especially Barbara.  She is becoming a young woman now. Jonathan is growing into a young man and looking after his mum and sisters well.  He looks more like you each day.  Rebecca is no longer the baby you had to leave behind.  She is doing well in school and is a happy young girl.  The little ones you left behind have had to grow up with out you, I wish you could be here to see it.


Ronnie has over taken you in age and I am catching you up.  which does not feel right.  You should be here being the big brother.  We miss you so much.


Lastly but most important Mum and Dad who have lost there first baby, and you will always be there baby.  They are still working hard and are still feeling the raw pain of your passing.  But they are living each day and learning to cope with out you.  They take comfort from the beautiful children you left behind.  Mum still talkes to you every day and Dad still thinks about you always.  I hope you can hear her when she chats to you.


Time does heal the wound of the pain we all feel but it never really mends.  I hope you are watching over us John and that the pain you felt in life has now gone.  I hope you have happiness and love and are safe.  Since you died a little robin seems to be everywhere we go.  We like to think this is you keeping watch over us. It gives up alot of comfort when we see it.   I hope it is your way of looking after us.  Thankyou for being in our lives John.  We were blessed.

We miss you today and always

Your family. X


It would have been your 39th birthday on the 2nd September. I can not give you a birthday present so I wrote you this poem instead.  I miss you with all my heart.  Love always your little sister. X






The sun still shines

Though your not here

The rain still falls

just like our tears.


Our lives went on

But your did not

Although you'll never be forgot


You miss the day

The night that falls

Together we must face them all.


Your summers rain

Your winter's sun

Your autumn leaves

No longer come


The snow and wind

no longer touch

the one we'll always

Love so much.



Happy birthday John


Today is the 30th anniversary of Elvis's death.  If you had been here you would have been celebrating his life.  You were one of his biggest fans.  Who Knows maybe you are up there watching him sing.

Today is the day we lost you.  I spent last night awake wondering if you suffered.  Why did we not know you were so ill, if only we had rung to say Hi we could have told you how much we loved you one more time.  We could have said goodbye. But we did not know, we can't live our lives with all the if onlys.  But we will always remember you and you will live on in our hearts and minds. 

You never got to meet your little niece , but when I was lying in hospital close to death, I felt you with me keeping me strong and safe.  I want to thank you for taking care of me.  You were and always will be my wonderful big brother and We miss you more each day.

Love you John.

John was a huge Elvis fan.  He would play his music all the time.  He drove us all mad playing wooden heart over and over again. So much so I can probably still remember all the words to it if it comes on the radio.  He was always a big music fan and loved all kinds of music.  When I hear a new song in the charts I think oh John would have loved that.  He liked cheesy pop songs as well as rock and everything in between.  But Elvis was always the favourite.  We had Always on my mind played at his funeral, I still cry when I hear it.   

This is the most recent poem I have written for you John. With all my love. XX

Each time we see a rainbow

We know your still around

There beauty and there wonder

In you we always found.

You had to go and leave us

Lost and all alone

But you keep on sending rainbows

To guide us safley home.

So when our days are over

And our summers are all gone

We'll meet you at that rainbow

Together we belong.

But till then they remind us

Of all the love you gave

So keep on sending rainbows

Until we meet again.


This is another poem for you John. 

 I miss you with all my heart.     


We travelled on our journey

But you've taken a different path

We've had to go on without you

Knowing you can't come back

But on our way we remember

The summers we played in the sun

The days we laughed together

When our journey had just begun.

The memories of your childhood

Will stay here in our heads

And many more will join them

Unitl our journeys end.

For now we'll go on travelling

Not seeing whats round the bend

Our paths are joined together

Quite sure we'll meet again.


We have a memorial seat for John at the cemetary.  This is the poem I wrote for the plaque which we have put on it.


As you sit upon my seat

Don't think of me in sorrow.

For now I feel no pain

Though my days have no tomorrow's

I'll live on in my children

My wife my family too

And with them I'll grow stronger

Each step I'll be with you.

So don't be sad I am not gone

I'm with you in your heart

Through your memories I'll live on

And we shall never part.....


The main reason for setting up this website for John is that he spent most of his final years on the internet and built up a large group of friends.  We did not realise how many till he died and they all sent messages.  This there for seemed a fitting memory for him.  And maybe some day some one who knew him will find it and know that although he is no longer with us he lives on thru us and that he will never be forgotten.

To me he was a friend and a person I could always turn to. But most of all he was my brother.


I miss you John.


Cheryl Hutchinson

A poem I wrote for John

Are you still around

Or did you go away

This is the question

We ask every day.

Although we can not see you

We feel you now and then

Have you come to guide us

Till we meet again.

You live on in our hearts

A picture in our minds

So clear it's like a photo

After all this time.

So clear is the picture

We build up of your face

Each smile that made a wrinkle, each laugh that made a line.

We play them in our head

time after time.

So maybe your not here

and its all just a dream.

But our memories keep you with us

How ever hard it seems.

This and all other poems (unless stated) on this page are written by C Hutchinson.  Please do not in any way copy them of re produce them without permission.

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