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John Kennedy
Born in United Kingdom
33 years
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Life story
September 2, 1968

Born in United Kingdom Scunthorpe Lincolnshire on September 2, 1968.


John was the first born to Ronnie and Margaret Kennedy.  Then soon after came Ronnie Jnr and about eight years later I arrived.  John was a happy child who although he had health problems including epilepsy due to being starved of oxygen at birth.  never seemed to let them bother him. Later in life he developed diabeties, which he dealt with in his own special way.   He always had a friendly word for everyone.  His first word was brush, most kids its Dada but not John's. 


We did alot of traveling because dad was in the army.  Mum always said that within the first hour of getting to somewhere new John new everyones name and there life story.  He was the kind of person who will talk to anyone and would always make lots of new friends.  He was such a kind and gentle person and did not see the bad in anyone. 


He went to various schools but did not really get any qualifications due to him not having a very good concentration span but he was brilliant with computers and loved to surf the internet and had many friends In chat rooms.


He married Christine who he met through a training course for people with learning difficulties.  He was on his first week and she on her last one, but it was obviousley fate.  He came home that day and told Mum he had met the girl he was going to marry.  And he was right.  They went on to have four children, the first of which Christina unfortunatley died soon after she was born.  Something John never got over.  But I am sure they are together now.  Then came Barbara, then Jonathan and lastly Rebecca.  John was a great hands on dad who spent alot of time with his children.  It is a shame he will not be here seeing them grow into adults.

September 3, 1968

The thing I remember most about our childhood is that John was always my friend as well as being my big brother.  He used to play with my dolls with me and brush my hair.  We Used to play with my barbie dolls and he would do there hair and dress them up with me.  Christmas was always so much fun, Ronnie used to get up really early and run down stairs and shout He's been! He's been! when he saw all the presents.  We used to sit round the table all Five of us and enjoy Mums wonderful cooking, then we would play with our new toys all day.  John loved christmas, He used to have his decorations up in October.  He was just a big kid at heart.


We did alot of traveling to and from Germany after I was born and so we had to spend a lot of time in the car.  Me stuck in the middle of my two big brothers, singing along to Mums Barry Mannilow tapes, Mum used to make it so it would play "looks like we made it" when We arrived where we were going.  I still smile if I hear that song.  We Had such a happy childhood.  Mum And Dad were and still are fantastic parents. 


And as we got older and My brothers moved out I still saw alot of John.  I used to go and stay with him in the holidays and at weekends.  We would stay up half the night and watch MTV He used to let me tape my favourite videos for when I went home.  On the very rare occasion I had an argument with mum and dad, it would always be Johns house I would end up. 


Once I learned to drive I used to go and see him on my days off from work, We would take Barbara Johns oldest child to the pond to feed the ducks or to the metro center to walk round the shops to give her mum a rest.  I have my own little girl now and dearly wish he could have met her and we could do these things with her and his wife and children.  I learned so much about being a parent from helping with Johns children I wish he could see how much. 

September 15, 2000

On September 15th 2000 I married my husband Martin.  This in its self is a very special occasion, but for me it is made even more so by the fact that it is the last time we were all together as a family.  I was so happy and so proud to be getting married, you were a big part of that day John.  Your children were my bridesmaids and page boy and you were an usher.  We have such beautiful happy memories of that day.  And I am so glad you were arround to share it.


You at mine and Martins wedding.

December 4, 2001

Passed away on December 4, 2001 at the age of 33.


John died suddenly on the 4 December 2001.  He was only 33 years old.  He left behind a wife and three young children.  He had been ill with what was thought to be flu but was actually a serious case of pneumonia which he could never have survived, He went to sleep and did now wake up.  We were all devistated by his death and still feel the pain of it everyday.  We miss you John and you will always be in out thoughts and our hearts.

September 2, 2006
Today would have been your Birthday.  Mum and Dad Me Martin and Chloe went to your seat and put flowers on for you.  We wish we were taking you birthday gifts instead.  Christine and your children were also visiting.  We all got soaked in the pouring rain.  You were probably watching us thinking what mad fools we all were and having a laugh to yourself.  We miss you John with all our hearts.