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John Kennedy
Born in United Kingdom
33 years
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Each day we sit and think If only you were still here If we had you in our lives For just another year. The things we could tell you The times we could share The fun and the laughter Just showing you we care. We did not have the chance To tell you how we feel How hard times are without you Somehow does not seem real. Your presence is still with us Throughout are many days But oh John how we miss you Since you went away.Cheryl Hutchinson

My beautiful brother John died suddenly on December 4th 2001 He was just 33 years old.  He left behind a wife three young children and a broken hearted family.  This is a tribute to him and a place we can come and remember him and his wonderful happy smile and infectious laugh.  It is a place to celabrate the person he was and for all our children to grow up knowing the kind hearted genuine person who can not be in there life. 
It is also a place that we can come to and let others who were not fortunate enough to meet John know what a lovely person he was and that he will never be forgotten.






A poem for John


You echo in your children's voices

Their smiles are your smiles too.

Even though we're filled with sorrow

We still have part of you.

It's growing in our hearts

And living in our heads.

Your voice, your touch are still with us

The love it never ends.


We miss you every day now

The pain it grows no less

We wait there for a call

We know we'll never get

We watch your favourite shows

And hear your favourite songs

The days of missing you

Still seem so very long.

 Cheryl Hutchinson










If you would like to leave a condolence or light a candle please feel free to do so.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this, we are keeping John alive in our memories.